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I have been a runner since the Sixth grade when I joined my Intermediate School's Cross Country Team. That was 28 years ago. I'm not fast, but I do enjoy the motion and scenery of the courses I travel. I do race and finish somewhere with the mid-packers. In 1996 I did my first Marathon, Bermuda with the Leukemia Society's Team In Training group. Now I try to do at least one marathon a year with a few exceptions. The best thing about running for me is how it makes me feel. I feel great getting out there, inventing new courses,the sites,sounds,and smells,pushing yourself further than the time before, makes me so alive.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Catch up

Its been a very long time since I have been back here. Well from my last blogs Istarted a new job as a Blood Banker consultant, working out of the city, going to 11 NYC hospitals through out the five borrows. Basically teaching new computer software to the blood bank technologists and realating their needs back to the central office and the software company. I also ran another Marathon, Hartford CT Oct 10. My times were great up until about mile21. I was on pace for a 3:20 something finish, but alsa it was not to be. The 6weeks of fair training was noot enough to keep the endurance up. Still had fun but felt rushed from the get go. I let the new job take over, had to prove to everyone including myself that I could do it and belonged,such is life I supose. Anyway I hope eveyone enjoys the coming Holiday season and I hope I will not be such a stranger to the blogs.
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